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Inspired by chiptune (8-bit) music, the idea behind this solo project is to gather a multitude of sounds and images associated with video game culture and to use them as a musical and visual interpretation of gaming’s origins, its evolution and its controversies.

Space and its conquest are the central themes here, since they were omnipresent in early video games.

Combining real and virtual elements, this project also refers to the Apollo 11 mission, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2019 and which couldn’t have been achieved without early computers.

In an art performance, poised somewhere between a concert and a DJ set, Marcol Savoy will manipulate an old Game Boy, an antique drum machine, a sampler, a monophonic synthesizer or sound effects, capturing the effervescence and creativity of video games in the 80’s.

Integrating all these sounds to his drum set and playing them against a backdrop of historical pictures and retro games projected on screen, over Masaai chants or the sound of old tape printers, he creates a unique visual and musical identity within which he creates a minimalistic yet playful and energetic type of urban music.

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